Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ponderings Along the Pathway...GENEROSITY

Welcome to Ponderings Along the Pathway, a new feature over here on the Path of Positivity.  As I indicate at the top of this blog, my goal over here is to create a space "designed to inspire, nurture and provide support for the soul by creating a positive path to follow, one project or post at a time".  Providing a challenge each month where people are able to share their positivity inspired art, whether it be in the form of cards and other projects or simply their words, is one way of achieving this goal.  Another is to provide this new column where each month (hopefully), I or one of the DT will provide some motivational introspection on the themes we cover each challenge period.

This month we have PAT sharing her thoughts on the concept of GENEROSITY...

There are many definitions of generosity.  It is described as "the quality of being kind and understanding and putting others before yourself;"..."it is given willingly." (Merriam-Webster and  Generosity can involve many things:  money, possessions, time, attention, encouragement, and more.  Here is what I think generosity is:
  • When you leave a tip for the waitress even if she didn’t give the service you thought you deserved, because everyone has a bad day now and then, that's generosity.
  • When you toss your leftover change into the Salvation Army bucket instead of taking it home to put into your vacation savings bank, that's generosity.
  • When you pay it forward in the drive-through at a fast food restaurant to “treat” the driver behind you, that's generosity.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to spend a lot of time volunteering at a food depository or donating money that should go to bills.  But that doesn’t stop me from being generous!  The path of generosity isn’t finished in one giant leap but in small steps; even when the going seems to be taking forever, you do eventually reach your goal.

So if you can’t give money, give your time; if you can’t feed an army, feed a family; if you can’t help a stranger, help your neighbor.

And if you can’t give any of these things, be generous in spirit.  Forgive someone for an act that may have hurt you.  Give others shared credit no matter how little they contributed.  Refuse to gossip about a friend or co-worker.  Pay a compliment to someone who has low self-esteem.  You may not cure world hunger or earn a plaque from a major charity, but you will make someone happy, and happy people can’t help but share their well-being with others.  Just think what you may start with that small act of generosity on your part!

Please be sure to pop over to Pat's personal blog, Patacake Pages, for more inspiration.  That is it for today but please be sure to stop by on Friday when I get to introduce you all to two more people who will be joining our Path of Positivity family.

Until then,


Monica Taylor said...

Pat, what a wonderful post. I think you really captured the meaning of generosity.

Desire Fourie said...

Congrats Pat this is so well put and truly such an inspiration and is exactly what we should strive for in our daily lives. A tiny insignificant act of generosity not only can make a difference in the life of the recipient, but also to the giver.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Ingrid Mason said...

Beautiful Pat ...and thank you for sharing the true depth of 'generosity'.xx

Donna Ellis said...

Thanks, Pat, for sharing your thoughts on generosity - it truly is a way of life, and is often the "biggest" when shown in "small" ways. hugs, de