Sunday, February 02, 2014

Design Team Delights for Challenge #9

It is time to for my Design Team to share their favourite entries for Challenge #9.  As always, in each challenge you, the readers, get to voice your opinion by voting for your favourite and so it is only fitting that my Design Team get to do so as well.  That is why we have a special DT Delights post just before we launch the new challenge.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to join along our Path during the month of December for Challenge #9.   While it is always a difficult decision, each team member managed to find a particular entry that really caught their attention.  Check them out...  
Heather--chosen by Vicky and Desíre...

Vicky had this to say:
"My DT favorite would be #7 - Heather because I really really love the Christmas memory that she is was mentioning.  That's what Joy is all about for me!"

Here is what Desíre had to say:
"I loved the story of exchanging gifts and the joy it brought to everyone.  And of course her bookmark gifts are just such a wonderful joyous gift idea."

To see the details of Heather's card and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.
Monica--chosen by Pat...

Since Monica wasn't part of the team during Challenge 9 back in December, she was still in the running for both the top seven and of course for a DT Delight if someone was enamoured by her project.  Well, Pat definitely was and chose her for her DT Delight. This is what Pat had to say:
"Monica summed it up in a nutshell":
“…(Joy)  doesn't cost money, you don't have to have strong muscles, you just have to have a certain attitude about things. I believe that a positive attitude is contagious, but so is negativity. I choose to be positive.  It creates for a much happier life, home and relationship with friends and family. And after-all, isn't that what life is all about?”

To see the details of Monica's card and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.
Edwina--chosen by Suze...

Here is what Suze had to say:
"Being a lover of CAS cards, I really appreciate this one.  The colour scheme is lovely and the card is beautifully balanced."

On a personal note it was really special for me to see Edwina use the sentiment I gave out at the beginning of Challenge #9.  Not only did she use it, she made it the focal point of her card.    It turned out so pretty, didn't it?

To see the details of Edwina's card and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.
Mandy--chosen by Sandy...  
Here is what Sandy had to say: 
"Mandy – wow! what determination and accomplishment.  Her ‘winning’ regarding her weight issues and diabetes… wowzers… I can totally feel her joy in reaching the milestone on top of the hill." 

To read Mandy's inspiring post, click HERE.
Gloria--chosen by Lisa (that's me)...

I chose Gloria not only for her cute creation but my decision was based as much, on what she had to say.  Gloria talked about the joy that we experience during the holidays and what this time of year means to her. There is so much joy to be experienced in life and Christmas time is certainly a time when we tend to feel more of it. I agreed with her on how nice it is to share with family and friends and especially to see the look of joy on someone's face as they receive something given from the heart. But Gloria also talked about remembering those around us that don't feel joy during the holidays due to the circumstances in their own lives. It is important that we remember those that struggle at Christmas time too.  We can only hope the best for them and if possible help them to once again find a path filled with joy.

 To see the details of Gloria's card and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.

 Creative Congratulations to all of you!

Thank you to everyone who played on our Pathway during the month of December.  Thank you for taking the time out of such a busy month and sharing your wonderful entries with us.  As always, the time and energy that went into each of these creations is evident.  Now if you were chosen as a DT Delight, then we have a special treat for you.   Not only are you eligible for a special DT Delight badge, we will also be having a draw at the end of our first year for a special package of digital goodies.  So, if you are chosen as a DT Delight during any of our challenges, your name will be entered into the draw.  You get one entry per choice; so, if two members picked your card, you will earn 2 entries, three members 3 entries, etc.  The draw will take place around the anniversary of when the Path of Positivity came into existence which will put the draw date sometime in April 2014.  The winner at the time will be notified by email.  In the interim you are more than welcome to copy your framed card above and add it to your blog to share with all your readers; and, don't forget to EMAIL ME for a copy of the special Challenge #9 DT Delight Badge.  I'm always running a bit behind these days so your patience is appreciated.

Thank you for stopping by today.  We hope that you will join us again tomorrow to learn what the newest theme for Challenge #11 will be.


Desire Fourie said...

Congrats to all the dt delights. You all inspired the design team.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Gloria Shirr (purpleglo) said...

Thank you so much Lisa. I am so happy that my card inspired someone; as that is what it is all about. Your encouraging words mean a lot to me. Thank you for these lovely challenges and for inspiring us with your life and your gifts. Have a fabulous week! Hugs, Gloria

Donna Ellis said...

Wonderful DT Choices in the "Delights" - how nice that you all can keep the positivity flowing the ways only you do. hugs, de

D- said...

Congrats everyone!
Crafty hugs,

Made by Mandy said...

I just wanted to say thank you so very much to Sandy for choosing my post (and the last one too!) as your delight. January has seen me have a set back with a cold almost the whole month but I'm still losing weight and keeping active and feeling so much better for it.

Love Mandy xxx