Saturday, September 06, 2014

Ponderings Along the Pathway...DETERMINATION

Welcome to this month's edition of Ponderings Along the Pathway, an exclusive feature over here on the Path of Positivity.  The purpose of this column is to continue with the goal of this blog which is to create a space "designed to inspire, nurture and provide support for the soul by creating a positive path to follow, one project or post at a time".  Providing some motivational introspection on the themes we cover each challenge period, is one way of achieving this goal.

This month it is all about DETERMINATION and PAT is here to share her thoughts on the subject...
Every plan, every goal, every little thing a person wants out of life starts with DETERMINATION, followed by that dreadful word, WORK. It’s easy to wish for a better job, someone to share your life, money for that trip you’ve always wanted to take-- it’s more difficult to make that happen. That’s where determination comes in.
Determination is described as firmness of purpose (Google) or the quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult for you. In order to achieve your goals, you must start with a plan:
  1. Determine exactly what it is you want to do or to have
  2. Understand what you need to make this happen
  3. Make short term goals toward your major goal
  4. Research exactly what, when and where you want your goal to happen
  5. Celebrate your short term goals
  6. Re-evaluate how much you want/need this goal
  7. Find like-minded people who are working toward their own goals
For instance, I was determined to teach myself water color painting:
  1. I wanted to paint with a medium I had never tried, and to create paintings I’d be proud enough to put my name on.
  2. I had enough brushes, I just needed some paints and papers and instruction.
  3. I bought supplies, carved out time to watch YouTube videos, and started with painting backgrounds using techniques I had seen online.
  4. Reading through library books I had borrowed, I painted 2-3 times a week, trying different methods, using different papers.
  5. I learned some pretty cool techniques and learned how the paint interacts with water. I posted my attempts on my blog and received advice and encouragement there.
  6. I purchased liquid paints and real watercolor paper. I started seeing focal points in the backgrounds I painted. I felt happy when I painted.
  7. I joined a Facebook group whose artists use all kinds of media, including water colors. I get a lot of guidance and inspiration from members there.
I have seen improvement in my art, have grown from simple backgrounds to painting waterscapes and taking inspiration from photos I have taken, and have signed my name to some of my finished projects. I continue to practice, brushes in hand.

Remember, determination is a quality that you can strengthen with practice. I am determined to keep improving on my water colors, and to celebrate the learning process as much as the finished canvases! Hope to see you along the way as your determination paves the path toward your goals! Above you will find one of my latest watercolors. I used Copic marker and white gel pen for the quote.
“Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.” ~William James
Please be sure to pop over to Pat's personal blog, Patacake Pages, for more inspiration.  That is it for today but please be sure to stop by on Monday when we showcase the top seven for Challenge #17 and open the voting up to you.

May you always find the determination you need to achieve your own goals.  
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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Donna Ellis said...

Thank you, Pat! The reminders are perfect, and your artwork is beautiful! hugs, de