Friday, August 21, 2015

Ponderings Along the Pathway...OPPORTUNITY

Welcome to this month's edition of Ponderings Along the Pathway, an exclusive feature over here on the Path of Positivity.  The purpose of this column is to continue with the goal of this blog which is to create a space "designed to inspire, nurture and provide support for the soul by creating a positive path to follow, one project or post at a time".  Providing some motivational introspection on the themes we cover each challenge period, is one way of achieving this goal.

This month it is all about OPPORTUNITY and PAT is here to share her thoughts on the subject...
How many times have you had to make a choice in your life? Pssst…let me tell you a secret: Those are opportunities. Every time you are offered a choice in life, whether it be in your relationships, at work or in school, you are looking at opportunities, opportunities to change from who you are to whom you want to be.

Want a better job, and waiting for that one extra-special offer? Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities; seize common occasions and make them great. Maybe that smaller opportunity to broaden your experience in a related field or to further your knowledge about the subject will push that offer in front of you, further up the path and just around the bend.

Upset over a missed opportunity? Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we missed. Some of the greatest opportunities have come on the coat tails of ones missed or ignored. Made a bad choice and are regretting it? There are secret opportunities hidden in every failure, but you have to keep your eyes open and be ready to run with them or they’ll pass you by.

Some people seem to always be luckier than others, but luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Any good runner prepares for her race; so should we all prepare ourselves for all those lovely opportunities to grow, to love, to excel, to run down the path of life with a smile on our faces and courage in our hearts.

Here’s a little tale to remind you to look ahead for opportunity as you travel the path:
The Optimist, the Pessimist and the Realist were sitting together. While they were arguing over the description of a glass of water, a hand reached out and drained the glass dry.

“Thanks,” said the Opportunist.
Be the opportunist. 
Please be sure to pop over to Pat's personal blog, Patacake Pages, for more inspiration.

Well folks, that is it for today but please be sure to join us again soon.  We still have the winners post and the DT Delights post to publish before the next challenge starts so I hope you'll come back soon.

May you always be blessed with opportunities and have the discernment to know which ones to accept and which ones to leave behind.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


Desire Fourie said...

Pat this is some sure uplfting inspiration. It is so true that every choice in life we face is an opportunity, never looked at it that way. Thank you for sharing.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Katrina Brown said...

Well said, Pat! May we all be open to the many beautiful opportunities life offers!