Sunday, October 04, 2015

Design Team Delights for Challenge #29--OPPORTUNITY

It is time to share our favourite entries for Challenge #29.  As always, in each challenge you, the readers, get to voice your opinion by voting for your favourite and so it is only fitting that my Design Team get to do so as well.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to join along our Path during the month of August for Challenge #29.   Check out the entries that really caught our attention...

 Katrina--chosen by Monica...

Here is what Monica had to say:
"My DT delight is Katrina -- I love that she has taken the opportunity to create a Crush Book that is just for her.  Her layout was fun and I loved what she said "It's an opportunity to do what I want since it's a book for me".

To see the details of Katrina's creation and read more of what she had to say click HERE.
Donna--chosen by Desíre, Sandy & Julie...

Here is what Desíre had to say:
"My DT delight is Donna.  Not only is her easel design so beautifully crafted, but she had this to say about Opportunity": 
"Opportunity knocks wherever we live. It may appear in the smallest of ways. Often it is the little, seemingly inconsequential things, that we are being given the Opportunity to make a Difference."
Sandy said this:
"My DT delight is also Donna… I love the incorporation of it being a multi-use card – can one call it that????  Donna’s comments about opportunity are so so true…. Opportunity is in front of us in so many ways…

Julie had this to say:
"'My DT Delight is Donna as well.  Here creation is lovely, and I like her explanation about opportunity.  Here are her words":
"We all experience new opportunities everyday, be it at our Employment, at home or in the store, during an excursion, pursuing a dream, helping someone else realize their dream, volunteering, taking care of a sick person, or just being there for God's Creatures."
To see the details of Donna's creation and read more of what she had to say click HERE.
NanaConnie--chosen by Pat...

This is what Pat had to say:
"My DT Delight is NanaConnie. She says":
“…we've had a 4-year drought and are suffering the effects of raging wildfires…what does all that have to do with today's card? This is what most of us out here feel like, waiting for one little drop of water, for the opportunity to quench our thirsts…On the other hand, that one drop is a huge mouthful of water for that tiny mouse so maybe it's all how you view it.”
To see the details of NanaConnie's creation and read more of what she had to say click HERE.
Audrey--chosen by Suze...

Here is what Suze had to say:
"My DT delight is Audrey E.  I particularly like the inclusion of the bookmark with the card.  The colours  work so well together.  And who can resist a cupcake when they're studying!  Overall, a lovely creation."

To see the details of Audrey's creation and read more of what she had to say click HERE.
Susan K.--chosen by Lisa (that's me)...

My DT delight this time around is Susan K.  I really love her creation.  The image she used is adorable and coloured beautifully.  However, it is the sentiment, which is focussed on a piece of scripture from Galations, and also what she had to say about opportunity that really drew me in:
"...with the world the way it is today, I have to say that what Opportunity means to me is the opportunity to worship as I wish. I have the opportunity to be a Christian even though in the near future I may be prosecuted for this. I love my faith and I love being able to share my faith with others. I love being able to create cards that show scripture. That is what Opportunity means to me. And I think of those Christians that have been killed, persecuted and more and I hope that when that happens to me I will continue to be strong in my faith no matter what I face."
We are very lucky here in Canada and the US and many other countries throughout the world that we have the opportunities to freely express who we are as people and not have to worry so much about our safety.  Included in that is sharing our religious beliefs.  Unfortunately, there are many people out there who are not so lucky.  So, it is nice to see someone doing just that and sharing with us!  We are afforded so many opportunities that others are not and we can't ever take that for granted.

To see the details of Susan's creation and read more of what she had to say click HERE.

Creative Congratulations to all of you!

Thank you to everyone who played on our Pathway during the month of August.  As always we greatly appreciate you sharing your incredible talents with us.

For our DT Delights chosen for this challenge...

  Katrina, Donna, NanaConnie, Audrey, and Susan

  You are all entitled to one image of your choice from our on-going sponsor...

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Additionally, you are entitled to the special Challenge #29 DT Delight Badge. To claim both your digi and the badge (or just one or the other), send your requests to popwinners {at} gmail {dot} com (be sure to replace at and dot with the appropriate symbols) or by clicking HERE to bring the address up in your email program, with the subject, "PoP#29--DT Delight Badge and/or Digi Request".   I'm always running a bit behind these days, so your patience is appreciated.

Our special yearly prize package will also still be taking place.  Remember, if you are chosen as a DT Delight during any of our challenges, your name will be entered into a draw for some digital goodies.  You get one entry per choice; so, if two members picked your card, you will earn 2 entries, three members 3 entries, etc.  The winner at the time will be notified by email.   The next draw will occur sometime in the summer of 2016.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope to see you again tomorrow on October 5th, when we will be back with the start of Challenge #31.  We hope that you will join us then to learn what the newest theme will be.

See you again soon!


Susan Kennedy said...

Wow.. thank you so very much Lisa!! I am honored that you chose my card and my focus on what Opportunity means to me. Thank you so very much!! :D

Donna Ellis said...

Such a beautiful post, PoP designers. Thank you for selecting my card as a DT fave, and for the opportunity to reflect on what is really important in our lives - especially our character traits. Congratulations to everyone who plays and wins in your special challenges! hugs, de