Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Summer Break

Hello there folks! In case you missed it, I just published the winner announcement for Challenge #59. It was supposed to be done at the end of June but alas, life once again interfered with those particular plans. If interested, you can scroll down one post to find it.

During that post the last week of June, I was also supposed to mention that we would be going on break for the summer. Thus, apologies to anyone who has been wondering where we've been.

Over the last couple of years, we have made the decision to take both July and August off for the following reasons:
  1. Since it is summer time here in North America, many of our players are out of the house and enjoying the warmer weather;
  2. My hard working Design Team deserves a little bit of time off; and 
  3. It gives me the opportunity to do some catching up with everything I'm always so far behind on by mid year.
Now if you are waiting on the Top Picks and Winner Announcement from our June challenge, we'll be back with those posts in September, taking place during the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month in their regular spots.

I truly hope that you will all continue to support us when we return on September 3rd for our next challenge. We will be continuing with our year long study into colour at that time.

For the time being, I really hope that those of you living in the northern hemisphere are all enjoying your summer and for those of you in the southern hemisphere, I hope that your winter isn't too difficult.

Take care everyone, stay walking on your own Path of Positivity if you can and we'll see you all again real soon.

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