Friday, August 08, 2014

Ponderings Along the Pathway...POSSIBILITIES

Welcome to this month's edition of Ponderings Along the Pathway, an exclusive feature over here on the Path of Positivity.  The purpose of this column is to continue with the goal of this blog which is to create a space "designed to inspire, nurture and provide support for the soul by creating a positive path to follow, one project or post at a time".  Providing some motivational introspection on the themes we cover each challenge period, is one way of achieving this goal.

This month it is all about POSSIBILITIES and PAT is here to share her thoughts on the subject...
It’s hard to stay positive when we are bombarded with negativity from TV, newspapers, websites and social media. Fortunately, there is escape from the negativity. Challenges met, goals achieved, laughter shared, and positive reinforcement from friends, family and blogs like ours that radiate positivity like beacons in the night. The possibilities are endless!

It all comes down to choices. We can choose to moan about the world’s woes, or we can do something about them. We can tune in to feel-good news and be assured that hope is always out there. We can pity the homeless or we can volunteer at soup kitchens and food pantries. We can veg on the couch or take up a hobby that may just turn into a passion.

Open your eyes to the possibilities of positivity, because they’re right in front of your nose…a sunny day, a child’s laughter, an unexpected call from a friend. Turn this around and you can spread the positivity to others by calling a friend, smiling while you shop, donating time to a good cause.

Possibilities create action. It takes practice to recognize possibilities and determination to act on them. Every path has several forks on the way. It is up to you to choose wisely, step forward and maintain a steady pace. Sure, there are obstacles along the way, but you can turn them into learning experiences, inspiration and the opportunity to clear the path for others.

All you have to do is take that first step. Possibilities lead to opportunities; opportunities lead to action...action leads to possibilities…and the circle is endless."

Please be sure to pop over to Pat's personal blog, Patacake Pages, for more inspiration.  That is it for today but please be sure to stop by on Monday when we showcase the top seven for Challenge #16 and open the voting up to you.

May you always see the possibilities before you and choose the positive path!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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Donna Ellis said...

Thank you, Pat. I am often reminded that beginning right in our own homes and neighborhoods is the best way to begin positive changes - even within ourselves! One of my favorite quotes is by Mother Teresa: When necessary, use words.