Saturday, August 03, 2013

When one door closes...another opens

Hello everyone.  As promised, I'm back to tell you about a change to the current design team.

At the beginning of July I received a comment from someone new to the challenge blog.  They were so taken with the concept of what we are trying to achieve over here, that they asked to be considered for a position should I ever have a DT call.  I was extremely flattered but wasn't sure it was the right time to make any changes.  However, the world had other plans for me.

The very next day I received notice from one of my beloved members, that due to a change in her personal circumstances, she was no longer going to be able to continue her work on the team, as much as she wished she could.  So I am very saddened to say that Lisa M., the extremely talented artist from You Made Me Ink, and more importantly my dear friend, will no longer be joining us each challenge.  Her exuberance, unique take on things, humour and zest for life will be dearly missed.  However, given that she was one of my advisors as I set out on this journey, and an inaugural member of this team, she will always have a spot as an honourary team member, and if she ever has the opportunity to create for us, or even come back on a regular basis, she will always be welcome.

So as it turns out, it was rather serendipitous that Samara Navi, from  Romancing the Canvas took an interest in us.  After checking out her work, consulting with the team, and spending some time in correspondence with her, I realized that the world aligned in just the right way to bring her into our midst.  We are very lucky to have someone with Samara's talent, positive outlook, and vibrant personality join us on our journey.  So, without further ado, meet...

Hiya! I'm Samara. All soft a's. I'm a Bohemian - ummm - everything! A Hippie In Hiding. I have a memory like a fly, am head over heels passionate about my 3 kids and my new D-In-Love (daughter-in-law), am amazed by color, intensely dislike loud noises or strong smells, love burned food, love texture, rainbows, dogs, and our kitties, but most of all love the freedom to explore, to paint, to wander and to look for the Zen every nook and cranny. Today, it is with "the Shadowside of Humanity." Tomorrow it will be with "?"

Please join me in wishing Lisa M. the best as she continues down a different path.  I also hope that you join me in welcoming Samara to the team. You will get to see one of Samara's inspirational creations in just two short days as she officially comes on board for challenge #5 which begins Monday.   To visit Samara beforehand, just click on her blog badge above.

I also hope you will come back tomorrow to see our first ever 'DT Delights' post, where the DT has a say in choosing their favourite entry from Challenge # 3.

May each day radiate sunshine and warmth whether the sun is in the sky or not!


Edwina said...

Welcome Samara! I look forward to seeing your creations. Edwina Brown

Desire Fourie said...

A big POP welcome to Samara.
Lisa I love the saying you have signed this post off with.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}