Sunday, May 20, 2018

Challenge #58 Top Picks: Voting Open May 20 to May 27, 2018


Hey there folks! I'm finally here with the top picks for the last challenge. While I had managed to catch up with everything over here, my hubby and I sadly had to put our cat to sleep on May 9th. As such it has been a rather difficult time and I am back off track.

We managed to gain a few more entries during April with a total of 15. Once again several of you forgot to add FT after your names when in fact many of the projects did in fact use pastels throughout the majority of the creation. Thankfully, with the colour challenges, it is a bit easier to figure out who followed the theme with a quick glance. However, it is still important to get into the habit of letting us know whether or not you followed the theme when you link up so that you can be included in the draw for the Most Inspirational Creation. We would hate to see you miss out on the chance for the prize and honour; so, be sure to add FT after your name if you in fact followed the theme.

Right now, it is time to get on with showcasing the seven projects and/or write-ups that touched the team the most. In case you are new and wondering why seven and not the typical three, four or even five? Any time that we have more than 14 entries, we have a top seven. We have always strived to be a bit different over here on the Path of Positivity and this is just another way to do so. Additionally, seven is a spiritual number and thus right in the wheelhouse of the vibe we are looking to project; so, seven it is when enough people join in.

Thus, without further ado, please let me introduce you to the Top Picks for Challenge #58...

Congrats Ladies... 

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Now the really hard work starts. It is time for you, our readers, to vote for your favourite entry. Which participant most inspires you? Remember, you are not necessarily voting on a creation that was made. You might simply find what the person had to say in their post to be inspiring and optimistic. Please be sure to go and check out the entries first and not just make your choices off of the thumbnails. Then, let us know who your favourite choice is by placing your vote below using the Linky Tools feature. Once you have made your decision, why not go back and let them know how they inspired you.

 Good luck everyone!

Voting open for 7 days:
May 20
through May 27

Path of Positivity--Challenge #58 Top Picks
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