Sunday, March 02, 2014

Design Team Delights for Challenge #10

It is time to for my Design Team to share their favourite entries for Challenge #10.  As always, in each challenge you, the readers, get to voice your opinion by voting for your favourite and so it is only fitting that my Design Team get to do so as well.  That is why we have a special DT Delights post just before we launch the new challenge.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to join along our Path during the month of January for Challenge #10.   While it is always a difficult decision, each team member managed to find a particular entry that really caught their attention.  Take a look...  
Avril--chosen by Lynda...
Lynda had this to say:
"I chose Avril. I really like the soft colors she used. The images choice and sentiment are perfect for this card that is for a special friend as a thank you for their friendship."

 To see the details of Avril's card and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.
Annie--chosen by Desíre...
Here is what Desíre had to say:
"I chose Annie because of something she said:"
"You can not buy generosity, it comes from the Heart:"
To see the details of Annie's card and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.
Donna--chosen by Monica and Vicky...
Vicky had this to say:
"My choice is Donna because of the following phrase that I think is sooo true:"
"My take on Generosity is not sentimental, and not so much "material" as it is something which transforms us from within."
Here is what Monica had to say:
"My choice is Donna because she talks about learning about generosity over the past two years from her blogging friends and that is something I can totally relate to."

To see the details of Donna's card and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.
Judith--chosen by Pat...
This is what Pat had to say:
"My choice is Judith, who wrote that:"
"A dear friend of mine asked me to make a gift for her Aunt's 80th Birthday - she was born in 1934. So I thought it would be fun to make a Keepsake Box containing memories from that era."
To see the details of Judith's card and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.
Jose--chosen by Suze...
Suze had this to say:
"My choice is Jose. I love the vintage feel to her card and the elegance that she has created with the combination of colours and textures she has chosen. The image she has used is very eye-catching." 

To see the details of Jose's card and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.
D~ --chosen by Lisa (that's me)...
What a wonderfully generous expression of love from the heart.  To openly be able to express compliments to another person is definitely an expression of generosity because you are 'sharing' something and generosity is all about sharing.  It is a definite bonus to be able to help lift someone up.  When you help to boost someone's confidence, it may mean that they go to share a bit more of themselves with the world spreading generosity all over the place.  The other reason I especially like this card is because D~ used one of my absolute favourite papers in her design.  I just love that funky heart paper.

 To see the details of D~'s card and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.

 Creative Congratulations to all of you!

Thank you to everyone who played on our Pathway during the month of January.  Thank you for taking the time out of such a busy month and sharing your wonderful entries with us.  As always, the time and energy that went into each of these creations is evident.  Now if you were chosen as a DT Delight, then we have a special treat for you.   Not only are you eligible for a special DT Delight badge, we will also be having a draw at the end of our first year for a special package of digital goodies.  So, if you are chosen as a DT Delight during any of our challenges, your name will be entered into the draw.  You get one entry per choice; so, if two members picked your card, you will earn 2 entries, three members 3 entries, etc.  The draw will take place around the anniversary of when the Path of Positivity came into existence which will put the draw date sometime in April 2014.  The winner at the time will be notified by email.  In the interim you are more than welcome to copy your framed card above and add it to your blog to share with all your readers; and, don't forget to EMAIL ME for a copy of the special Challenge #10 DT Delight Badge.  I'm always running a bit behind these days and even more so this week as there has been a death on my husband's side of the family.  So, as always, your patience is appreciated.

Thank you for stopping by today.  We hope that you will join us again tomorrow to learn what the newest theme for Challenge #12 will be.


Desire Fourie said...

Congrats ladies, you really deserve to be design team delights.
And thanks Lisa for another wonderful Delights Post.
{Path of Positivity DT Member}
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

D- said...

Thank you so much for the DT Delight Pick honor.
Lisa~ I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Take care sweetie.

Unknown said...

Thank you Desire and DT and Lisa, wonderful challenge blog and huge congrats to Donna on her win.xx

Donna Ellis said...

Thank you, Monica and Vicky. I am touched by your words. The PoP DT had a tough job this time with so many entries. xo