Sunday, May 04, 2014

Design Team Delights for Challenge #12

It is time for my Design Team to share their favourite entries for Challenge #12.  As always, in each challenge you, the readers, get to voice your opinion by voting for your favourite and so it is only fitting that my Design Team get to do so as well.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to join along our Path during the month of March for Challenge #12.  While it is always a difficult decision, each team member managed to find a particular entry that really caught their attention.  Take a look...  
Gloria--chosen by Vicky...
Vicky was moved by a particular comment that Gloria made:
"Our lives are busier than ever and I think we all need to be reminded to take time to stop and smell the flowers. The sentiment inside is all about wishing someone a wonderful life of flowers and songbirds serenading them. I love flowers and I love listening to the birds sing.   What a wonderful gift to have those two things in your life.
"To me that's the truth of it all and the idea of reminding someone to take the time is very thoughtful in our busy lives." 

To see the details of Gloria's card and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.
Mimi--chosen by Pat, Lynda and Sandy...
 This is what Pat had to say:
"I love Mimi's Box Card with the Ice Cube tray inserted to bring home the sentiment on her card for her sister."

Lynda had this to say:
" I love that this card is a tribute to her thoughtful sister that sets the thermostat in her house so her company is comfortable".  Here is an excerpt from that post:
"When I go to visit, bless her, she puts the heating on and melts just so I can survive and not turn into an ice block."
"I am sure her sister will love getting this project and it is so thoughtful to recognize her "warm" gesture that she makes when she comes to visit!"

Sandy said this:
"I love the creativity and fun with this special project for her sister."

To see the details of Mimi's creation and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.
Susan K--chosen by Monica...
Here is what Monica had to say:
"The Card box was a fantastic project and I loved the idea of sending a gift within a gift.."

To see Susan's creation and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.
Shona--chosen by Desíre and Suze...
Here is what Desíre had to say:
"Not only is her card gorgeous, but her whole post was dedicated to honour the thoughtfulness of her (and I am sure some of us'), special friend in blog land, Donna Ellis." 

 Suze had this to say:
"I was immediately drawn to the layered flowers on this card and the shades  of colour and glitter.  After reading her post, I feel she has really captured the feelings of  thoughtfulness."

To see the details of Shona's card and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.
Vic--chosen by Lisa (that's me)... 
There is just something that draws me to this card.  It is possibly a mix of things.  I love angels, I love the colour purple and I'm always a sucker for an uplifting sentiment.  Sympathy cards are often difficult for many of us but Vic does a wonderful job in the creation of this one.  Such a thoughtful card for someone going through a terrible time in their lives.  I'm sure the recipient will be brought much comfort when reading it.

To see the details of Vic's card and read more of what she had to say, click HERE.

 Creative Congratulations to all of you!

Thank you to everyone who played on our Pathway during the month of March.  As always we greatly appreciate you sharing your incredible talents with us.  Now if you were chosen as a DT Delight, then we have a special treat for you.   Not only are you eligible for a special DT Delight badge, we will also be having a draw at the end of our first year for a special package of digital goodies.  So, if you are chosen as a DT Delight during any of our challenges, your name will be entered into the draw.  You get one entry per choice; so, if two members picked your card, you will earn 2 entries, three members 3 entries, etc.  The draw was supposed to take place in April but we need to hold off a bit.  It will happen soon though.  The winner at the time will be notified by email.  In the interim you are more than welcome to copy your framed card above and add it to your blog to share with all your readers; and, don't forget to email me at popwinners {at} gmail {dot} com (be sure to replace at and dot with the appropriate symbols) or by clicking HERE to bring the address up in your email program, for a copy of the special Challenge #12 DT Delight Badge.  I'm always running a bit behind these days, so your patience is appreciated.

Thank you for stopping by today.  We will be back tomorrow, Monday, May 5th to start Challenge #14.  We hope that you will join us then to learn what the newest theme will be.


Desire Fourie said...

Congrats ladies, you all deserve the limelight.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Gloria Shirr (purpleglo) said...

Thank you Vicki. I didn't know about this one until Lisa told me. I appreciate you choosing my card for one of the DT choices. Love the challenges and all the fabulous creations by the DT. Congrats to all the other DT picks. Have a great week. Hugs, Gloria