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Challenge #64--Optional Theme: SILVER, GOLD & OTHER METALLICS...Midway

It is the third Monday of the month and that means that it is time to present the midway for Challenge #64.

As we are a unique kind of challenge blog, please be sure to check out the START POST FOUND HERE, for all the rules and details you need to know in order to enter.

This is the tenth and final month into our year long study of colour. If you are new to the blog or this series, and you would like to review a more in-depth explanation on how we are affected by colour, its impact on us, the symbolism behind it, and the psychological effect it has on our everyday lives, you can find it by clicking HERE and scrolling down to the Title, "Theme Ideas for 2018".

For now though, here is a refresher of what our current theme is all about:

Challenge #64

Optional Theme:

This month we wrap up our series on colour with the colour grouping of metallics. These sheens are generally associated with wealth, prosperity and success. Gold and silver are both precious metals, associated with riches and expensive jewellery. When a touch of glittering metal is combined with black, it can immediately give off a sense of glamour. Gold, silver and bronze are colours that are often found in competition medals characterizing first, second and third place respectively, representing an athlete's success. Gold being a warm colour is related to yellow and as a result it shares the same attributes of being bright and cheerful. Silver is a cooler colour, and while it is a little less luxurious than gold, coming in at second place it still represents grace and elegance. Bronze, the metal often associated with third place accomplishments, captures the qualities of brown giving it a more earthy, natural and cultivated sense.

Many companies that produce luxury products often incorporate these metallic shades into their design. While metallic effects can be hard to recreate online since they are more like materials or textures than they are colours, one can still suggest metallic tones on a website or in a logo. Gold is primarily a shiny yellow, silver is shiny grey, and bronze a shiny brown. The use of shading and highlighting can help to achieve the approximated look of metallic sheen.

With the holidays are right around the corner it is the perfect time of year to focus on all the different metallic colours that we see around us. While silver and gold feature prominently this time of year, you can also find other metallic shades as well. Coppers, greens, blues, wines and purple metallic shades show up too. Everything from Christmas ornaments to the glittery tinsel and garland that adorn many Christmas trees showcase these unique metallic finishes.

Therefore, this challenge, our focus is on SILVER, GOLD & OTHER  METALLICS. We want to see a project that prominently features this range of colours in your creation. If you don't have metallic markers to create the effect, consider using shades of grey to imitate silver, shades of richer yellows to serve for gold, or shades of browns to embody copper. These suggested shades can help to represent the range of metallic shades. Additionally, you could add metallic embellishments to your project. Many brads have metallic rims around them. You could also add glitter which by its nature appears shiny.  Even glitter papers would be considered fine. Since the inclusion or use of metallics might be a little bit difficult to manage, we certainly don't expect half of your project to feature this colour grouping. Just be sure that if you would like a chance to win the prize for the Most Inspirational Creation, your use of SILVER, GOLD & OTHER  METALLIC shades should be at least noticible! We can't wait to see how you explore the theme in your designs!

If you do follow the optional theme, be sure to add FT after your name so that we include you in the draw for the prize for Most Inspirational. While it isn't mandatory, we'd also love to find out how this month's colour makes you feel, if you'd like to share that with us. What kinds of feelings do SILVER, GOLD & OTHER  METALLIC colours evoke in you?  You can write a sentence or two in the body of your post, write a sentence at the bottom of your post next to the link up for this challenge, or simply leave a comment on this post if you'd like.

Remember, in order to be considered eligible for this month's prizes, ALL creations must be positive, inspirational, motivational or encouraging in some nature. You don't need to follow the optional theme if you simply want to have a chance at the Random Draw prize of a $15 gift certificate from Sparkle N Sprinkle, our guest sponsor this month. You only need to follow the theme if you want a chance to win an additional sponsored prize of a $15 gift certificate also from Sparkle N Sprinkle, for the project chosen as Most Inspiring.

Talking of our guest sponsor...

To learn more about this month's guest sponsor, be sure to check out the START post; and of course, also pay this generous company a visit. Below, you will find the watermarks for the images that the team worked with for the midway. Just click on any watermark to find that image's location in the store.

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A Peppermint Christmas Digital Stamp Set [DIGI3148M]

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Wilson Digital Stamp Set [Digi746b]

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Life Is Better Digital Stamp Set [Digi712B]

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Camera Life Digital Stamp Set [Digi620J]


Rustic Flowers Snapdragons Digital Stamp Set[Digi816J]
Rustic Flowers Snapdragons Digital Stamp Set[Digi816J]

 Milton Giraffe Catching Snowflakes Digital Stamp Set [Digi787b]
 Milton Giraffe Catching Snowflakes Digital Stamp Set [Digi787b]

Thank you so much to this awesome company for allowing us the opportunity to work with such incredible images during the midway!

To help inspire you further down the path of SILVER, GOLD & OTHER  METALLICS, check out the wonderful projects my Design Team had the opportunity to create. Clicking on each team member's name will take you to their blog where you can check out further details on their inspirational creations.

Thanks again to my incredible design team! As always, each of them have their own unique styles and ideas which amaze me to no end. Each of these projects has showcased the different SILVER, GOLD & OTHER  METALLICS sheens splendidly and I hope we have inspired you throughout this challenge. Be sure to go and visit these talented ladies so you can see how their projects tie in to the theme.

Why not join us, if you haven't entered already? Create a project and/or post that is positive, inspirational, motivational or encouraging in some nature and join our link up. If you've opted to follow the theme of SILVER, GOLD & OTHER  METALLICS, for the chance to win the Most Inspirational prize, make sure that you add FT after your name so you can be included in the running for the prize. Remember, we'd also love to find out just how the different METALLIC sheens affect you, so be sure to lets us know if you can, somewhere in your post or come over and leave a comment. Easy, peasy! You can enter our latest challenge by clicking HERE.

Also, I know that the participants would love for you to go and pay them a visit. Remember we're creating a Path of Positivity to follow one project at a time and we'd love to see you somewhere on that route even if it is just by leaving a comment on an entry from someone who has touched you somehow with their project and/or post!

Don't forget...

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