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Ch. #119--Anything Goes POSITIVE with the Opt. Twist of: The Power of Words…NEW BEGINNINGS

Hello everyone and welcome to the Path of Positivity Challenge Blog! We hope that you and your families had a wonderful holiday season. It is time for our very first challenge of the new year to begin!
Since we are not your typical challenge blog, it is important for you to understand how things work in order to be sure you are eligible to win any of the prizes offered. If you are new to this unique challenge, you can find out the impetus behind why I started it under the 'Introductions' tab and you can find out all the details you need to know in order to participate, in the 'Challenge Details' tab (both tabs located at the top of the blog). For your convenience, a summary of the most important rules can also be found in the right sidebar under the heading 'General Rules'.
Right now, it is time to get down to the business of our latest challenge. Here is what you need to know...


Challenge #119

Anything Goes POSITIVE with the Opt. Twist of 

The Power of Words: NEW BEGINNINGS

For 2023, our goal each month entailed looking at the things around us that could provide inspiration in our creative journeys. This year, we will be looking at how WORDS can influence our artistic endeavours.
In a world brimming with countless ways of expressing ourselves, it is our aptness to convey emotions, ideas, and experiences through words that allows us to yield serious connections, paint expressive vistas, and spark profound change. When we realize the enchantment carried within the letters and syllables that shape our world, we embark on an awe-inspiring journey. Whether we choose to demonstrate through deliberately crafted sentences or raw artistic expression, each and every brushstroke and syllable has the capacity to evoke astonishing emotions and trigger an incredible odyssey of self-discovery. A sojourn where an uncomplicated phrase can breathe life into dormant dreams or ignite our imaginations, where a heartfelt remark can soothe the deepest of torments, and where a well-chosen assemblage of words can unleash the immeasurable power residing within ourselves.
Words have the extraordinary ability to improve our frame of mind, and unite us as a collective force for good. With each and every word we speak, we have the ability to paint vivid pictures in the minds of others, to disclose the depths of our emotions, and to construct new worlds of possibility. With a single word, we can lift someone's spirits, offer comfort to a weary soul, or ignite a passion within them that had long been hidden. With each carefully chosen word, we have the remarkable ability to not only connect with others but also to configure the chronicle of our own lives, directing even the seemingly mundane into unimaginable adventures.
Given the infinite potential that language has, we have decided that our overall theme for 2024 will be THE POWER OF WORDS. When we align our thoughts with empowering words and affirmations, we set the stage for untold marvels to unfold. So, join us as we embark on a quest this year to speak with intention and clarity, casting aside words of limitation and embracing words that inspire and kindle passion. For in doing so, we tap into the transformational capability of language, becoming sculptors of our own reality. 
To help inspire you on this journey, each month we will focus on different quotes. I will provide three to five quotes to inspire your creative projects. If none provide any inspiration, you can pick a quote or phrase of your own choosing to explore. You can use the quote/phrase/sentiment as the focal point of your creation OR you can embrace an aspect of the quote to focus on. As always, following our twists are optional.
If you do want to follow the optional twist this month, here are the quotes I've chosen for January: 
“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.” — Brad Paisley
“New month, new intentions, new goals, new love, new light, and new beginnings.” — April Mae Monterrosa

"The magic in new beginnings is the most powerful of them all."              — Josiyah Martin

"New Year's Day. A fresh start. A new chapter waiting to be written."      — Sarah Ban Breathnach
“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” — T.S. Eliot

As you can see, the overall theme for January is NEW BEGINNINGS. If you want to follow the optional theme, you can simply use one of the quotes literally and type it out and add it to your project. However, you could also create a project with one of the quotes in mind. For example, you could start a new bullet journal or diary. The first two quotes, along with the fourth could inspire this kind of idea. The fourth one could also inspire a New Year's card. The third quote could inspire a card with two people just starting out in a new love relationship. There are lots of ways you could approach the quotes. And of course, if none of these inspires you, you can always find your own quote or sentiment expressing the concept of NEW BEGINNINGS.
Remember though, the twist is completely optional and you don't need to follow it in order to win. However, in order to be considered eligible for this month's goodies, remember that general types of projects/posts will not qualify for the honours and prize UNLESS they are also positive, inspirational, motivational or encouraging in some nature. Additionally, even if a project may qualify as positive, if your post promotes negativity, hatred or anything of an abhorrent nature, your project will be disqualified. Honours and Prize include:
  • $6 worth of images from Scribbles Designs, for a person chosen in a random draw based on all qualifying entrants.
  • A badge for the following honours: Top Pick, Voter's Choice, Most Inspirational, Random Winner, DT Delight.
Now check out what my awesome design team came up with to inspire you. Clicking on each team member's name will take you to their blog where you can check out the details for their inspirational creations.


My wonderful design team continues to astound me each and every month! They all have their own approach and deft insight into the twist. Even after all this time, I continue to be astonished by the purview of greatness in their work! Each of these artful conceptions has showcased the notion of The Power of Words: NEW BEGINNINGS admirably and I hope we have inspired you to commence on your own exploration of creativity. Be sure to go and visit each team member so you can see how her project further connects to the twist.

So what are you waiting for? Create a project and/or post that is positive, inspirational, motivational or encouraging in some nature and join our link up. How about stretching yourself by also opting to follow the twist?! While it isn't mandatory, we'd also love to find out how this month's twist affects your own life. How often do you rely on words to inspire your creative endeavours? This month our quotes all focus on NEW BEGINNINGS. Are you doing anything special this month to start something new or explore any new goals? It is a new year and that means that you can explore many new possibilities. Like the quote from Sarah Ban Breathnach says, let today be a fresh start where you can explore writing this next chapter of your life. You can write a sentence or two in the body of your post, write a sentence at the bottom of your post next to the link up for this challenge, or simply leave a comment on this post if you'd like. Finally, remember that we're trying to create a Path of Positivity so if you have some time, please visit other people participating throughout the month.

I hope to see you back next week when voting will [hopefully] begin on the Top Picks for Challenge #118. There will be a separate post detailing those picks where you will have the opportunity to vote on the creation or post that you have found to be the most positive, inspirational or encouraging of the chosen picks.

Then, be sure to join us again on January 22nd when we'll be back with our midway featuring more great projects. 
If you ever have any questions be sure to EMAIL ME or just leave me a comment.

We look forward to seeing you participate!

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Ch. #119--Anything Goes POSITIVE with the Opt. Twist of The Power of Words: NEW BEGINNINGS

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