Monday, April 08, 2024

Ch. #119 Top Picks


Hello folks! I hope that your Path this past week has included a number of positive moments along the route and that you and your families are all doing your best to stay healthy and happy. 
It is time to present the top picks from January's challenge. Since we had 35 wonderful entries in Challenge #119 (click HERE to see the original challenge with the optional twist of The Power of Words: NEW BEGINNINGS), it is time to get on with showcasing the seven projects and/or write-ups that touched the team the most. In case you are new and wondering why seven and not the typical three, four or even five? Any time that we have more than 14 entries, we have a top seven (with 14 entries or under we just have a top three). We always strive to be a bit different over here on the Path of Positivity and this is just another way to do so. Additionally, seven is a spiritual number and thus right in the wheelhouse of the vibe we are looking to project; so, seven it is when enough people join in. 
Thus, without further ado, please let me introduce you to the Top Picks for Challenge #119


Congrats Ladies... 

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Well, that is it for this one. Please join us again on April 15th (as long as everything goes according to plan), when we will be back with our midway. 
Do your best to continue stay safe, healthy and positive out there in your daily life and hopefully we'll see you all again soon!!!

Until next time,


brenda said...

Your very kind, thank you. Hope things are going better for you now.

Betta said...

Sono super felice!!!